It’s an Honor…

It is always an honor to have great clients like ours, who return again and again and recommend us to our friends!  It’s also a special treat to get national-level recognition within our industry.

We are fortunate to apply such amazing products in the delivery of our custom services. One of those suppliers, Rhonda Allison, held a National Face Off competition on 90-day before-and-after treatment photos – and Nekadam Skin Care won first place! This was partially made possible through a generous client who believed in us so much that she agreed to have her photos submitted – and she received a reward as well!  The story was also reported by American Spa Magazine, which is put out by the American Spa Institute.

Below is a partial transcript of the original announcement from the source, the Rhonda Allison site, and it is followed also by the announcement reported by American Spa Magazine): 



Generating new business out of New Year’s resolutions, our wonderful Rhonda Allison partners joined with us from all over the United States to showcase their outstanding contributions to this amazing profession.  Promoting their own 90 Challenges and beefing up their portfolio of before and after shots, these amazing skin care professionals teamed with their clients, collecting photos based on their work together over a 90 day period – recording the results from their professional treatments using only Rhonda Allison care post care products and home regimens.
We are so pleased to announce this year’s 2017 National Face Off winners!  Finalists were selected based on the most significant skin changes, challenges, and overall results.  Exemplifying what aesthetics is truly about, we congratulate the winners!!

FIRST PLACE WINNER – Larisa Bercu with Nekadam Skin Care

Winner of $1,500 cash prize PLUS a FREE $1,000 RA Product Order AND $1,000 in Home Care Products for their client.

Here are the images that illustrate Lara’s skill in anti-aging treatment:

Before and after images of client of Nekadam Skin Care for 90 day skin challenge by Rhonda Allison products, won first place in the National Face Off of 2017, photo courtesy of skin care specialist Lara Bercu and copyrighted 2017 Lara Bercu
Treatments by and photos © Lara Bercu/Nekadam Skin Care


And the following is from the online American Spa Magazine by the American Spa Institute:

Rhonda Allison Announces Winner of Face-Off Competition

by Lacey Goodman |


Rhonda Allison Clinical Enterprises just named Larisa Bercu of Nekadam Skincare (Denver) the winner of the 2017 National Face-Off Competition. The National Face-Off Competition is an annual contest held by Rhonda Allison Cosmeceuticals that measures client progress using the Rhonda Allison treatment system and home-care products.

“I’m proud to be part of a profession that changes lives for the better every day,” says Rhonda Allison, founder and CEO of Rhonda Allison Clinical Enterprises. “The dedicated and talented aesthetic professionals who are helping advance our industry, deserve to be recognized and honored for their hard work and professionalism. The National Face-off Competition is just one of the ways in which we celebrate these individuals and the skill they bring to the aesthetics industry.”

Skincare professionals collaborated with their clients to gather photos that accurately displayed the before and after outcome of a three month period of treatments. The winners were chosen based on the overall results and noteworthy changes in skin appearance.

All winners were awarded a cash prize, as well as Rhonda Allison products. The competition’s runner up was Jacklyn Herbert of Serenity Skin Studio (Jacksonville, FL), and third place was awarded to Alexandra Wallin.

“All of our winners achieved truly impressive results in a short period of time – a real testament to the impact of professional treatments and quality skin care ingredients,” says Allison.

Dermascope Magazine also features an article about the win.

It is a special privilege to be recognized in one’s field on a national level by such supportive and beneficent sources, who give the opportunity to excel and be acknowledged. We value the recognition from Rhonda Allison, Dermascope Magazine, and the American Spa Magazine…thank you!

And we always appreciate our dear clients and our vendors in the performance of our business. Thank you all for your individual parts in our continued success!

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