Mesotherapy is a unique technique to combat aging skin! But, before resorting to it and to any other rejuvenating procedures, it is necessary to determine the state of your skin with a consultation to determine what procedures can and should be done for you.

Mesotherapy is often called “non-injection” therapy, or Powerful Micronutrients, because the goal of this procedure is saturation of deep layers of the skin with nutrients, moisturizing, rejuvenation, improving blood circulation, etc. The procedure does not involve the introduction of injections of Mesotherapy. Instead of injections, a special Plant Base Botox is applied on the face that has a mild ionizing effect. With this topical application the skin becomes more susceptible and begins to absorb the active ingredients like a sponge. Overdosing of nutrients is excluded, since the skin absorbs as much as it needs.


Mesotherapy can be performed 1 -2 times a month, depending on your skin condition. The effect after this procedure is very pleasing:

      • toxins are released
      • puffiness is reduced
      • cell metabolism and oxygen saturation of tissues are increased
      • the muscles of the face are trained
      • elasticity of the skin is improved
      • the face acquires a healthy color
      • wrinkles are smoothed 

Mesotherapy will help to hold up aging for a long time.Special Skin Coktels developed for this treatment: Results are already obtained from the first treatment.

MesoAnti Wrinkle  vaccine or Neck and Decolte

Anti-aging, nourishing skin and reducing wrinkles and fine lines.Contains a wealth of new and active bio-peptides and high concentration suitable for insertion.

Meso Hyaluronic Acid (HA) 1%

For the day of the skin, the effect of filling, firming and replenishing the skin.Hyaluronic acid is the main substance in the body that binds the water inside the skin. As a result of age and environmental hazards, the concentration of hyaluronic acid in the body decreases and the process of dehydration and aging begins.

When hyaluronic acid is injected in the mesotherapy, a process of improvement in the moisture balance of the skin begins, the rebuilding of blood vessels that bring nutrients to the skin, and thus encourages the process of skin tenderness and firmness. We use Hyaluronic acid with moderate molecular weight, which is not branched, and is therefore 5 times more permeable than a regular application of Hyaluronic Acid.

Meso-Lift DMEA

For skin stretching and tightening treatments. DMEA from this substance produces Acetyl Choline AC. This substance causes muscle contraction in a mechanism similar to Botox, and can help stretch the skin. In addition, it contains algae and pollen extraction, which can cause flattening effect and skin firming


As is known,Melanin is the substance that gives the body its pigment and tone. An excess of melanin concentrated in a specific place will cause stain and other pigmentation. 

Skin clarification is a process that uses active substances to reduce the rest of the pigmentation, while reducing the concentration of melanin. This process is possible thanks to substances which inhibit the production’s melanin (the enzyme tyrosinase neutralizing encouraging melanin production) 
than clarifying the skin consists of 100% natural materials . The results are excellent and have no side effectsThe treatment is suitable for all season

Vitamin Meso Vitamin C

Anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, skin firming, skin whitening. 
Vitamin C (in its stable form Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate) or its chemical name Ascorbic Acid is a wonderfully rich substance. 

Vitamin C causes skin clarification by inhibiting melanin production 
Vitamin C activates 3 genes responsible for collagen and connective tissue 

Vitamin C is important in the process of wound healing and is therefore an essential adjuvant in acne treatments and vitamin C as an anti-oxidant prevents skin wear as a result Age and exposure to the sun and a central, substance in mesotherapy.

Meso Eye Black Circles

Treatment for wrinkles and dark circles and “bags” under the eyes.

A unique gel that is rich in innovative and effective materials to treat all signs of aging in the eyes. The product contains biopeptides for the treatment of wrinkles, substances to stimulate capillary blood flow and reduce the imperfections under the eyes, and substances to drain the congestion and fats that create the appearance of the pockets under the eye.