Nekadam Skin Esthetics offers a vast array of exceptional skin care services:

Here’s the quick overview of our treatments; details on each one of them follow this initial list. Click any title to jump down to the description. To view costs, please visit our Pricing page.

Our Specialty: Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a multi-faceted treatment system that improves a myriad of skin concerns. We offer this, plus these other great options:

1)TRIFECTA Facial 

2)  Signature ” -10″ Treatment

3) Go & Glow Facial

4) Summer Express facial

5) Pigmentation/Acne/Detox facial

6) Prenatal and Postnatal (Mommy-To-Be) Facial

7) Teen’s Swift Cleanse-and-Mend Facial

8) Green Tea Facial

9) Pineapple-Cherry Enzymatic Facial

10) Herbal Enzymatic Deep-Pore Facial

11) Photo Rejuvenation Light Therapy

12) Microdermabrasion (Diamond Peel)

13) All-Natural Botanical Chemical Peels

14) Pumpkin-Apple Peel

15) Microneedling

16) Brow and Lash Tinting

17) Waxing Services

And More! And below these, please read about our Membership and Referral Programs!

Our Specialty: Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a method of cosmetic dermal treatment bypassing surgical intervention (plastic surgery). The method was developed by Dr. Pasteur Michel in the early 1950s. During mesotherapy treatment, the doctor administered medical injections, homeopathic substances, herbal extracts, and vitamins into the mesoderm layer. The process promotes skin regeneration and firmness, loss of fat tissue, and rejuvenation.


  • Nekadams’s signature treatment that started it all with 12 Flowers enzyme. A unique combination of dermabrasion with real crystals, oxygen-infused with O2 Vitalixir to refine, lift, and tone your skin and Mesotherapy to nourish, moisturize, and rejuvenate.
  • The immediately visible results are smooth, firm, youthful-looking skin with a radiant glow. Every session triggers collagen and elastin production for immediately visible results and cumulative benefits over time.
TRIFECTA Facial Includes:
1. Dermabrasion with real crystals!
2. Oxygen infusion with O2 Vitalixir!
3. Mesotherapy to nourish, moisturize, and rejuvenate

2) Signature “Minus-10” Treatment:

The Minus-10 facial is a healing technique that enriches the skin with stimulating Stem Cells that rejuvenate and repair damaged skin and stimulate skin cells toward collagen regeneration. It tones and firms and gives a luminous glow to skin, and culminates with a deep-tissue facial massage using Omega 3 Oils.

Employing mineral and botanical ingredients and progressive scientific methods, your skin will sustain a healthy glow for the better part of a month. What does this exclusive facial do? It targets the following critical issues:

  • Infuse 7 moistens skin and decelerates skin’s aging process
  • AGEless clarifies and promotes a youthful look
  • Eye & Lip Serum minimizes crow’s feet and puffy eyes
  • Tinted Day Cream shields your skin, with just a touch of color
  • Peptide 38 tightens crepey neck and firms the skin
  • ChronoPeptide A diminishes the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines


3) Go & Glow Facial

For our Go & Glow Facial we tempt you with cherry enzyme in a natural antioxidant chocolate mask! Unwind with relaxing massages, Triple Crown Dermabrasion, and the luxury of Oxygen Infusion therapy, as your skin is pampered with decadent indulgence that produces skin that is luminous, hydrated, and sparkling.



4) Summer Express facial:

1. Chatieu vino facial

Enjoy a sip of the finest wine at the Lavaux Vineyard in the Swiss Alps. Have your skin “buzzing” from the beautiful essence of luxurious grapes that will firm and tone, provide antioxidant support and smooth fine lines.

Location: Lavaux Vineyard, Switzerland

2. Flower Essence Express

Take a moment to stop and smell the flowers as you enjoy an express tour through the Garden of Ver-sailles. Immerse yourself in the botanical essence of daisies, hibiscus and rose hip extracts while infusing the skin with antioxidants, healing vitamins and hydration for the ultimate glow.your skincare regime; contact her today for an appointment.

Location: Garden of Versailles

3. Oceanic Oasis

Dip your toes in the waters of Santorini, Greece to instantly refresh during these warm months. Submerge your skin in stem cells, oceanic ingredients, and cooling sensations to leave it feeling soothed, hydrated and healed from summer damage.

Locations: Santorini, Greece.


5) Pigmentation/Acne/Detox Facial:

Brighten your skin to its luminous potential. H202 is used to stimulate circulation – it oxygenates depleted dry skin and clears acne, detoxifies underlying tissues, and reduces pigmentation.

As you can see from the before-and-after photos, this treatment can make a dramatic difference to the overall appearance of the facial skin, and to your image.



6) Prenatal and Postnatal (Mommy-To-Be) Facial:

Women’s skin of all types experience radical changes both during and after pregnancy. This special facial helps prevent hormonal breakouts using papaya, cherries, green tea and grapes. Indulge yourself and relax, to keep your skin luminous in all phases of having your baby, so that you are energized to lavish your attention on your little one.


7) Teen’s Swift Cleanse-and-Mend Facial:

We offer teens a speedy service of deep-cleansing pores as part of crucial maintenance, using digestive enzymes to address common adolescent skin issues.


Digital photo of a very hydrated leaf by Linda "Eilee" S. George of SmARTful Solutions By George
Balance Out Your Skin With Our Green Tea Facial

8) Green Tea Facial:

This facial helps to bring balance back to your skin. Read more about it in this post.


9) Pineapple-Cherry Enzymatic Facial:

Freshen and stimulate your skin with an exotic, fragrant fruit cocktail of a facial.


10) Herbal Enzymatic Deep-Pore Cleansing:

A time-tested treatment comprising of cleansing, steam, pore extraction, facial massage and masks. Extractions may be performed on clogged pores by mechanical or manual methods to clear breakouts, whiteheads (melia), blackheads (comedones), and other types of blockage.


11) Photo Rejuvenation Light Therapy:

Photo of LED light therapy machine shot by Linda Eileen S. George a.k.a. "Eilee" George for her own stock and temporarily and exclusively licensed to Nekadam Skin Care in Denver Colorado for the period of 14 February 2017 to 14 February 2018 and then full exclusive copyright reverts to Linda Eileen S. George unless Ms. George agrees to license it to Nekadam Skin Care further.
Light Therapy Rejuvenates Skin Many Ways.

Photon dynamical therapy (PDT) is a skin beautification treatment that uses photon energy from LEDs to stimulate fibroblast skin cells, which in turn will accelerate collagen and elastin production, blood flow, and skin cell growth.

Since collagen and elastin are the proteins responsible for skin tone and elasticity, this treatment can restore aging skin’s elasticity, heal acne, lighten age spots and tighten the skin, by using seven different colors of light. Each color affects the skin for different combinations of benefits:

  • Red: stimulates collagen production and fiber cells, amp up blood flow, diminishes wrinkles, restores elasticity and smooth texture, excellent for eye and forehead area.
  • Orange: evens skin tone from scars and pigmentation, improves emotional outlook, jump-starts metabolism and deters depression.
  • Yellow: enhances immunity, optimizes cellular oxygen, detoxes lymph entities, energizes, lightens spots, ameliorates redness, and lightly smoothens.
  • Green: anti-aging, wound healing, wrinkle smoothing, cell function repair, circulatory and oxygenation improvement, pain relief, and relaxation.
  • Cyan: alleviates inflammation, treats acne and excess oil, increases collagen and protein production, enhances gland function and relaxes tension.
  • Blue: eradication of bad bacteria and acne, rash calming, astringent, toning, returns skin to healthy level of sebum secretion, helps sensitive skin.
  • Purple: relaxes muscles, speeds up lymph metabolism, reduces pores, counteracts yellow cast, soothes both acne and wrinkles, helps blood flow, lightens wrinkles and stimulates cells.
Try Our Customized Light Therapy Treatments.

Photo Rejuvenation Light Therapy is cool on the skin and a relaxing experience! Check out this article to learn more: “Experts Debunk LED Misconceptions“.


12) Microdermabrasion (Diamond Peel):

Diamond microdermabrasion is a very popular cosmetic skin care treatments for its gentle simplicity. Both men and women enjoy its benefits, which are achieved without anesthesia or harsh chemicals. Being non-invasive, it works for most skin types, diminishing acne, age spots, wrinkles, among other things.


13) All-Natural Botanical Chemical Peels:

Heal Your Precious Skin the Natural Way!

Chemical peels employ application of a selection of chemical solutions in order to eliminate damaged and dead cells from the skin’s outer layers. It benefits several skin issues including rosacea, sun damage, acne, hyperpigmentation and light-related aging. The tone and texture of your skin will improve through hydration, reduced pore size, blemish clearing thanks to the combination of dead skin cell removal and subsequent stimulation of cell regeneration. It also minimizes wrinkles and regulates production of oil to create a general healthy tone.

Photo of hibiscus in the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, CO, shot by Linda Eileen S. George a.k.a. "Eilee" George for her own stock and temporarily and exclusively licensed to Nekadam Skin Care in Denver Colorado for the period of 14 February 2017 to 14 February 2018 and then full exclusive copyright reverts to Linda Eileen S. George unless Ms. George agrees to license it to Nekadam Skin Care further.
Hibiscus Is Just One of Many Fragrant Options.

Nekadam Skin esthetics uses products by Rhonda Allison, which are known for an epidermis-level, gentle strength despite their noninvasive method. Physician-strength peels go much deeper into and are harsher on the skin and require more down time than our offerings do. So the following levels of treatment apply only superficially to the epidural layer and not doctor-strength depths in the reticular dermis.

  • Progressive: repeated treatments that accumulate to cause an eventual exfoliation of the stratum corneum (outer layer of skin).
  • Mid-Depth: continues to the intra-epidermal layer, with a two- to three-day delay after application before exfoliation occurs, with very little down time. The light flaking is similar to sunburn peeling.
  • Deep: advances to the deepest intra-epidermal layers. Some browning and crusting occurs followed by significant peeling three to four days after treatment, in large segments and continues for a total of a week to ten days.

After the treatments you will see notable improvement in the tone, texture and overall appearance of skin.

Here are some examples of Rhonda Allison Peels that we offer:

  • Apple Wine Peel
  • Lotus Peel
  • Mandelic Peel (from almonds)
  • Hibiscus Peel


14) Pumpkin-Apple Peel:

Photo of pumpkins by Linda Eileen S. George a.k.a. "Eilee" George for her own stock and temporarily and exclusively licensed to Nekadam Skin Care in Denver Colorado for the year of 2017 to 14 February 2018 and then full exclusive copyright reverts to Linda Eileen S. George unless Ms. George agrees to license it to Nekadam Skin Care further.
Mmm…Be Spicy for Fall

Pumpkin products help you exfoliate; they offer nourishing antioxidents; they encourage synthesis of collagen. Also, they can leave your skin in a hydrated, polished state that positively glows! See more about it in this post.


15) Microneedling:

Microneedling is a rejuvenating treatment, especially for pre- or post-menopausal skin. Micro-needling helps minimize the look of wrinkles, fine lines, and acne scarring. Our method goes even further by applying nourishing ingredients to the skin, leading to a firmer, healthier complexion. It can be used in conjunction with different serums and botanicals to address specific issues, like collagen gel infusion. Two other options are:

  • Hydra Complex Skin Cocktail: a natural, light and nutritious blend of antioxidants that hydrates aging skin and balance hormonal adolescent skin.
  • Hyaluronic Serum: these hydrating drops lock in moisture for youthful elasticity, diminishing fine lines and plumping tissue for a smoother texture.


16) Brow and Lash Tinting:

The eyes have it! Showcase your beautiful peepers with a bolder frame. We can emphasize your lashes and brows with a richer tone to enhance your look or to compliment a new hair color. Organic, natural colors from Australia stay up to 6 weeks.


17) Waxing Services:

We offer waxing in various zones. Waxing not only removes hair for far longer than shaving, plucking or depilatories; it also helps to thin the hairs that eventually grow back to the point they are not as noticeable. Our method is exclusive in the Denver area; it removes the roots similar to laser removal. We also offer a gentler, less painful alternative to a Brazilian wax, a better method from sunny Australia. Options for waxing services include Brazilian, Brazilian + brow special combo, bikini, special brows design, brows, armpits, face, full leg, arm pits, and lastly, nose waxing to remove all hairs deep inside the nose.


All these services and more!



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