Nekadam Facial Services

Nekadam Skin Esthetics Facial Services specialize in cleansing and exfoliating treatments that help you look and feel your best. Our experienced team of aestheticians will customize the perfect facial for your specific skin type and condition to help you reach your desired results.

Mesotherapy: $175 // 60 min

Our Signature Facial. Mesotherapy is a non-injection therapy that stimulates the muscles that need help lifting and firming while giving energy to ATP cells using a special machine. This therapy also produces collagen and elastins giving you an instant lift while plumping and firming your skin.

  • Eye puffiness and dark spots are reduced

  • Cell metabolism and oxygen saturation of tissues are increased

  • The muscles of the face are trained

  • Elasticity of the skin is improved

  • The face acquires a healthy colr

  • Wrinkles are smoothed

  • Toxins are released

This facial is a perfect treatment for anti-aging, pigmentation concerns, and all grades of acne-prone skin.

Oxygen Infusion Facial: $125 // 75 min

This treatment is designed to nourish your skin and promote collagen growth using a machine that sprays highly concentrated molecules of oxygen right into your skin. The oxygen that’s applied to your face and neck is infused with vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients, and botanical extracts. This facial boosts collagen, detoxifies, speeds up cell turnover, heals acne, and makes your skin radiant.

Trifecta Facial: $175 // 75 min

Nekadams’s signature treatment that started it all with 12 Flowers enzyme. A unique combination of dermabrasion with real crystals, oxygen-infused with O2 Vitalixir to refine, lift, and tone your skin and Mesotherapy to nourish, moisturize, and rejuvenate.

​The immediately visible results are smooth, firm, youthful-looking skin with a radiant glow. Every session triggers collagen and elastin production for immediately visible results and cumulative benefits over time.​

TRIFECTA Facial Includes:

  • Dermabrasion with real crystals
  • Oxygen infusion with O2 Vitalixir
  • Mesotherapy to nourish, moisturize, and rejuvenate

Signature “Minus-10” Pro Youth Treatment: $125 // 60 min

The Minus-10 facial is a healing technique that enriches the skin with stimulating Stem Cells that rejuvenate and repair damaged skin and stimulate skin cells toward collagen regeneration. It tones and firms and gives a luminous glow to skin, and culminates with a deep-tissue facial massage using Omega 3 Oils.

Employing mineral and botanical ingredients and progressive scientific methods, your skin will sustain a healthy glow for the better part of a month. What does this exclusive facial do? It targets the following critical issues:​

  • Infuse 7 moistens skin and decelerates skin’s aging process
  • AGEless clarifies and promotes a youthful look
  • Eye & Lip Serum minimizes crow’s feet and puffy eyes
  • Tinted Day Cream shields your skin, with just a touch of color
  • Peptide 38 tightens crepey neck and firms the skin
  • ChronoPeptide A diminishes the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines

Go & Glow Facial: $135 // 75 min

For our Go & Glow Facial we tempt you with cherry enzyme in a natural antioxidant chocolate mask! Unwind with relaxing massages, Triple Crown Dermabrasion, and the luxury of Oxygen Infusion therapy, as your skin is pampered with decadent indulgence that produces skin that is luminous, hydrated, and sparkling.

Acne Remedies Facial: $135 // 75 min

Heal your skin to its luminous potential. Deep extractions are used to clear pores of impurities. This facial oxygenates depleted dry skin and clears acne, detoxifies underlying tissues, and reduces pigmentation.

Purifying Facial: $105 // 60 min

A clarifying treatment that calms reactive skin on the deepest levels. A gentle yet thorough cleansing with plant enzymes and mandalic minerals removes dead cells, excess residue, and environmental build-up to combat breakouts and erase any trace of a dull, lackluster complexion. This facial shrinks pores and refines skin texture resulting in a renewed glow.

Microneedling: $135 // 65 minutes

Microneedling is a rejuvenating treatment, especially for pre- or post-menopausal skin. Micro-needling helps minimize the look of wrinkles, fine lines, and acne scarring. Our method goes even further by applying nourishing ingredients to the skin, leading to a firmer, healthier complexion. It can be used in conjunction with different serums and botanicals to address specific issues.

Dermaplaning: $135 // 60 min

Dermaplaning is a skin treatment that uses an exfoliating blade to skim dead skin cells and hair from your face. Dermaplaning aims to make your skin’s surface smooth, youthful, and radiant. It’s also used to remove “peach fuzz,” the short, soft hairs on your face.

Pigmentation Solutions Facial: $135 // 75 minutes

Allow your skin to regain its natural luminosity with enzymes, mandelic acid, and (LED light add on for $45). This facial purifies the complexion, protects it from external damage and strengthens it for a glowing look. To expedite recovery time at home skincare products are recommended.

Denver's Ultimate Skin Care Clinic Treatments Experience

At Nekadam Skin Esthetics, we understand the importance of beautiful skin, and we are committed to helping you achieve your desired results. Whether you’re looking for a quick refresher or something more comprehensive and advanced procedures, our team of certified medical estheticians is here to help.

Seasonal Facials - Holiday Specials:

These products are custom blends from Nekadam Skin Esthetics for our clients to take home and continue their skin care routine for glowing skin. To purchase any of the products listed below, please email Lara or book your appointment to purchase at your next visit.

Holiday Glow Facial: $135 // 75min

Treat yourself to beautiful skin with this facial, featuring our specialty blend Jojoba-Shea Butter Cleanser. Let skin glow for the holidays as the enticing aromas of cinnamon, cherry and chocolate decadence fills the air. Unwind with relaxing massages and the sensations of hot and cold therapy as skin is bathed in rich, creamy indulgence that will leave skin sparkling for the holidays.

Unwrap & Glow Holiday Peel: $125 // 60min

This progressive peel features our Limited Edition Spiced Oil Cleanser and polishing Cherry Enzymatic Cleanser – created just for the holidays! With our illuminating Hibiscus Peel for glowing, pro-youth results, this couture peel offers minimal down time – the perfect treatment to target dull, tired skin and to get you ready for those holiday festivities.

Fall Into New Skin

PUMPKIN PEPTIDE POLISH: $115.00 // 1 hr 30 mins

Infuse the skin with vitamins and vital nutrients. The Pumpkin Peptide Polish exfoliates dead skin cells, provides antioxidant support and stimulates collagen activity, leaving skin feeling smooth and looking bright for a more youthful appearance; an excellent facial for normal, dry and oily skins.

PUMPKIN APPLE FALL FACIAL: $115.00 // 1 hr 30 mins

Bring fall into the treatment room this year with Nekadam’s Pumpkin Apple Fall Facial. An exciting facial created just for the season, this corrective treatment has everything you need to revive dry summer skin. Packed full of nutritious pumpkin and rejuvenating apple wine extract, this is sure to generate results. Tightens and firms, infuses skin with potent antioxidant support and brightens skin tone for a beautiful, glowing polish and radiant skin that will last for weeks.

PUMPKIN APPLE FALL PEEL: $115.00 // 1 hr 30 mins

Awaken skin to all the flavors of fall. Nekadam’s NEW Pumpkin Apple Fall Peel uses the natural benefits of apples and pumpkin to firm and tone for a refined look while nourishing and brightening dull, dry summer skin. Clients will love the pro-youth results just in time for holiday festivities!

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